"Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776"

        "Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776" 5.9

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        Benjamin Franklin enlists the help of young people to record the happenings leading up to and during the Revolution for his newspaper the Pe...更多>



        Baron DeKalb: Nothing to tell? He dressed as a *woman* to sneak out of France! The Marquis de Lafayette: [awkwardly] I was wearing a merchant's cloak! James Hiller: Washington is one of the richest men in Virginia. Hancock is the richest in New England. If we lose this war, they lose everything! What's more important to them? Treasure, or freedom? Officer: [to Lafayette] Good morning, sir. Three more deserters last night. The Marquis de Lafayette: It's this heat, Lieutenant. Our troops are from colder climates. I had hoped seeing me wearing full uniform would inspire them. Henri LeFevre: Gilbert? Didn't you tell me there used to be warriors who fought naked? Sarah Phillips: [Acknowledging that Henri is in his underwear] *You*, Henri LeFevre, are *not* a warrior! James Hiller: Tories! They're going through the mail! This is an offence! An outrage! John Adams: [cutting back to Philadelphia] Ben, someone went through my mail! This is an offence! An outrage! Sarah Phillips: You were born British! John Paul Jones: I was born a Scot, Miss Phillips! British, by the point of a sword! Sarah Phillips: You don't understand, Captain Jones! My father... and the violence... all the pain I've seen... I'm so confused... John Paul Jones: I think I do understand, lass. James Hiller: [after hearing the Yorktown battle plan] So the army marches south... it could be the huge victory we've been hoping for! General George Washington: Yes, James, it would indeed be a great victory... or a devastating defeat. Benjamin Franklin: Sir, I will tell you what I've told others just like you a hundred times: Congress gave me no power to hire officers. French Officer: But I *am* of merit! Benjamin Franklin: Sir, you knowing that you are of merit is a good and pleasing thing, but it does not mean it is known to everybody. French Officer: You insult me! I am of exceptional merit! Hmph! [storms out] Benjamin Franklin: Heaven forbid he has the price of passage. If Congress continues promoting these fools into officers, we will surely lose the war. James Hiller: What hit me? Sarah Phillips: You'll never take me alive! James Hiller: Take you? Where? Sarah Phillips: To... wherever Indians take people. James Hiller: I'm not no Indian! Sarah Phillips: It's 'I'm not AN Indian, not 'I'm not NO Indian!' Who taught you grammar?


        Henri LeFevre


        : After this I'm never going to roll again, not even in my sleep. Sarah Phillips: I may be well-raised, but I can be loud. James Hiller: She can, breaks glass all the time. Sarah Phillips: Oh James I'm so happy I could kiss you! James Hiller: Please! I've suffered enough under the hands of the British! Sarah Phillips: A sea monster in New York harbor? Sir that is most unlikely. Henri LeFevre: Maybe not thrilled. Baron von Steuben: I'm sorry. English is my third language. Henri LeFevre: NEVER! George Washington would NEVER declare himself King! He would NEVER do that! Would he? James Hiller: Of course not! The Marquis de Lafayette: Henri! I hope you are in here and can hear me! James Hiller: Moses it did it again this old thing is a hunk of junk! James Hiller: Sarah, run and get Moses. Moses: No need to get Moses. You already got him. James Hiller: I can't believe I'm going to miss this! Sarah Phillips: I can't believe you'd have anything to do with it! If you were a real gentleman, you'd put a stop to it immediately! James Hiller: Moses, Moses! Help! Moses: Ah, James not again James Hiller: Moses, help! This is my only clean shirt. Henri LeFevre: Sam Adams kicked the bucket! James Hiller: Sam Adams is dead? Henri LeFevre: No! He kicked my bucket! Spilled water all over the floor!




        导演: 吴京

        演员: 吴京弗兰克·格里罗



        导演: 叶伟信

        演员: 甄子丹吴樾

        "Liberty's Kids: Est. 1776"

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